Our Pledge to Provide High-Quality Content

At the Bitcoin Austral-Asia Conference, our pride lies in delivering impartial reporting and upholding content integrity. Central to our mission are values like accuracy, premium content, and responsible authorship. We wholeheartedly reject the use of ‘click-bait’ tactics or sensationalism in any of our content.

Furthermore, we labor diligently to verify, source, and authenticate the information presented in our articles. Our goal is to communicate genuine news, events, and to dispel any misconceptions or falsehoods perpetuated by mainstream media outlets.

Transparent Editorial Practices

Our team and writers are unwavering in their commitment to provide diverse, timely, and high-quality content that remains untainted by external influences.

We do not impose restrictions on our staff’s ownership or trading of digital currencies or blockchain-based projects. Upholding transparency and objectivity, we require all contributors to adhere to the following disclosure guidelines:

When covering projects in which they hold personal investments or involvement, our writers are required to disclose such connections at the conclusion of the respective article.

For all writers, both staff and contributors, discussing digital assets in which they have holdings or investments, a disclaimer outlining their ownership (without specifying amounts) is mandated at the end of the relevant article.